Ex-spouse finally got the military retirement benefits promised in her divorce

"Wes is well-versed in Oklahoma law, especially as it relates to division of military retirement benefits in divorce proceedings.

With Wes as my attorney, I was confident heading into the courtroom and sure enough, the result was favorable. My ex-husband could have avoided ever honoring our divorce decree and kept from me thousands of dollars I was awarded in our divorce, but thanks to Wes' tireless efforts I received the monies I was owed.

I would absolutely hire Wes again and plan to refer him to anyone seeking help with a complex divorce issue.” 

-Martha W., Purcell OK

Grandmother Keeps Her License

"Wes is down to earth and truly knows the law, especially as it relates to DUI and other criminal charges that can arise from a DUI.

I could have served time, instead, I was given probation and a minimal fine.  Then when it came time for my DPS hearing he was there ready to go even when the officer wasn't, which meant I got to keep my license!

I would hire Wes again in a minute. I would also refer him to anyone seeking DUI counsel.” 

-Cynthia G., Freedom OK

DUI Charge Reduced - Career Saved

"When I was charged with DUI in Lincoln County I searched for a lawyer as if my life depended on it. Certainly my livelihood depended on it. I work in the oil fields and my employment contract stated that I would be fired if my license was ever suspended or restricted. I was shocked when the breath machine blew a .14 and I wanted a lawyer with the expertise to attack this breath machine.

I hired Wes at the conclusion of my initial consultation and it was one of the best and most important decisions I have made in my life. Wes proved to be worth every penny of his fee.

Wes developed a unique defense based on the specifics in my case including the time frame within which the breath analysis was perfomed.  When I entered the courtroom I fully expected the worst, but just minutes before the Judge called my name, the prosecutor offered a plea bargain to the reduced charge of Public Intoxication.  Thanks to Wes' experience and understanding of complex technical issues, my career is saved and I get to keep a great job instead of being another unemployment statistic."

-Nick B., Shawnee OK