"Advertising is part of any business, but ONLY High Quality Legal Services will consistently yield favorable outcomes!"

It is difficult to pick a lawyer, not only because there are so many out there, but also because—since you are not a lawyer yourself—you may not know what a good one looks like.  What is worse is that many consumers fall prey to stereotypes and misconceptions about lawyers and they wind up picking an attorney who may have a flashy advertisement or make grand promise, but who is not actually qualified to meet their needs. 

“All lawyers have the same experience and training.”

While to become an attorney a person must attend law school, not every lawyer has practiced for over a decade, has a strong resume of having worked for AMLAW 200 law firms, has argued cases before appellate courts, or has specific experience representing clients in both state and federal courts.  Wes has specific experience handling several types of case in Oklahoma State and Federal Courts.

“If a lawyer advertises that he takes certain types cases it is because he has experience in handling those types of cases."

This misconception is similar to the first, but it is different in an important way. You may know how important it is that the attorney has experience in certain type of case, but you might assume that, because an attorney takes those types of cases, he or she has the necessary experience. As a consumer, you know that advertising is often misleading. This is no less true when it comes to advertising for lawyers.  Wes has a proven track record of handling several different types of cases, but at the same time is more than willing to refer a case to another attorney if the specific case needs demand it.

“The State Bar determines whether a lawyer can advertise as a certain type of lawyer.”

The reality is that there is no requirement that a lawyer must meet before the State Bar permits a lawyer to advertise as a certain type of attorney. The only thing is needed is a license to practice law.  Wes doesn't advertise for cases because he can, but rather because he genuinely has a passion for helping those facing the serious consequences of a particular type of case.

“All law firms will take my case to trial.”

As strange as this may seem, many law firms are not committed to taking your case as far as it needs to go reach the best outcome for you.  Wes has extensive trial experience having tried numerous case to both juries and judges and he is more than ready to go to trial for you.

“Calling a Lawyer Referral service or using internet sites that offer to find you a lawyer service is the way to find a competent lawyer.”

Lawyer Referral Services and internet sites are a nice idea, but they are far from perfect. Many do not adequately screen the attorneys they refer clients to.  Wes encourages you to visit with other lawyers and simply try to find the one you feel most comfortable protecting your rights.

“Lawyers who have a big ad in the Yellow Pages or a TV commercial must be successful because they can afford this advertising.”

Just because a lawyer is on TV or has a big two-page yellow page ad does not mean he or she is successful or qualified. All it means is he or she shelled out a lot of money to make people think that. TV stations and yellow page companies do not care if the lawyer is competent; all they care about is that the check clears. Is that the way you want to decide who is going to help you and your family?  Wes understands first and foremost that it is the high quality of  his legal services, not expensive ads, that continually yield favorable outcome for his clients.